YI Dome Camera Review

YI Dome Camera

YI Dome Camera reviewIf you are in the need for a security camera then this is for you. This post is all about YI Dome Camera Review.

Your security, as well as peace of mind in your home, is something that should never be taken lightly and that is why you should invest in something that is long-term and efficient.

This is exactly why you need the below camera that is just in a league of its own when it comes to all the features that it has.

It has a talk back system that ensures you can communicate with anyone in your home.

It can detect any motion as well, and this is what makes it even better as nothing can escape your attention.

It also comes at just the right price, and this can be found on the site that you will get to see below.

There is nothing better than being safe and at a very affordable cost as well. This is one of the cost advanced surveillance cameras that you can find on the market at an incredible price.

This is the YI Dome Camera and below is some of its features and review as well as where you can get it at that fantastic price.

YI Dome HD Camera Review

The fact that you will receive real time pictures that are of the highest quality is a reason why you should seriously take this camera. With an 112-degree angle view, you won’t be obstructed by anything as the view is just perfect. The pictures remain in HD despite any varying light conditions s and that includes the night.

Microphone and Speaker

It comes with an inbuilt communication system so that you can talk to someone who is close top the camera and they can talk back as well.

It has an anti-noise filter that lets the best clear voice pass through it to where you are.

This means that you don’t have to worry about anyone coming to your room as you can just tell them hat you are watching.

Instant activity alert

You get to be notified immediately of any activity that is ongoing. The camera will even take a snapshot of the activity, and it will focus on the activity for the better time as you receive an email telling you of the activity immediately so that you can watch what is going on.

Multiple Connections

The rest of your family can get to watch what is going on as well as they can connect with their devices as well.

Review Of The YI Dome Camera

As evidence above in the features, this is one of the best surveillance cameras that you will get in the market. It comes with these amazing functions that are bound to keep you safe as well as your property.

Where To Get It

The best place that you can buy the YI Dome Camera is Amazon, and that is because of a few factors.

The first one is the fact that you get up to a discount of 21% which reduces the price significantly(at the time of reviewing).

You also get to have this shipped to you for free. So go to amazon.com today and order your camera and enjoy some peace of mind in your home.


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