Wansview 720P WiFi Wireless Security IP Camera

Wansview 720P WiFi Wireless Security IP CameraThe Wansview 720P WiFi Wireless Security IP Camera is a new and innovative wireless camera that offers a simple way to check your home from anywhere through the internet using the free application that comes with it. This camera is capable of transmitting high definition 720p videos at a constant 30 frames per second in real time. It has also been constructed with an antenna so as to improve transmission speeds and wireless connectivity enabling you to transmit live stream directly to your PC application, Android, or iOS devices. After completing the simple set-up process by connecting the mini wireless camera wirelessly to your house, you can use the free Wansview application to stream wirelessly to your preferred device.

Features of the Wansview 720P WiFi Wireless Security IP Camera.

– Quick and easy to set-up: Users only need to use the ‘one key WiFi configuration’ via Wansview application so as to connect to the WiFi camera in a matter of minutes with no complicated setting required.

– Night vision for surveilling dark areas during the day or night: The camera has been fitted with four IR LEDs that give it night vision capabilities of up to 20 feet. These night vision capabilities can be accessed on the camera from anywhere and anytime with the free Wansview application or through the internet.

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– Wider vision capabilities: The camera has a super wide 120-degree viewing angle that gives it a remarkable wide view. This view also allows it to be easily mounted on any angle of a wall, table, or ceiling giving you wider vision display on your PC application or mobile devices enabling you to keep a closer watch on what’s happening around your house.

– High definition mini security camera: The camera itself is super slim in size with a length and width of 60mm making it the perfect Wi-Fi camera for monitoring your baby, pets, employees, and babysitter at 720p high definition video stream quality.

– Fully compatible with many types of devices and operating systems available today: The camera is capable of supporting remote viewing via Windows OS, iOS/Android mobile devices, Mac OS, and web browsers such as chrome, safari, Firefox, internet explorer.

– Excellent customer support: – Comes with lifetime support and if any problems occur during set-up or during use, the customer service at Wansview is available every day from 5 PM – 2 AM (PST) and can be contacted by email or skype.


The camera is really easy to set up and only requires you to mount it on the desired spot you wish to monitor and then connect the electrical outlet close to the wireless router. It will then pick up an IP address very quickly and configuring the Wansview application will only take a few seconds. It features voice capabilities giving you the option to talk through the camera so that the person on the other side can hear you as well. The camera will hardly take up space wherever it is mounted as its size is almost as big as a tennis ball. The wiring that comes with it is also long enough to allow you to mount the camera in almost any location in the house.

Check Out The Wansview 720P WiFi Wireless Security IP Camera At Amazon.com…

Final Verdict.

All in all, the Wansview 720P WiFi Wireless Security IP Camera is completely amazing with a super easy set-up process, various features for both sound and video options, and high definition video capabilities that enable you to clearly monitor and the record the things that take place in your house or office. Make sure to get yours today on Amazon.com and get a 40% discount with each purchase.

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