The Reolink IP Security Camera

Reolink IP Security Camera

Reolink IP Security CameraThe Reolink IP Security Camera comes with PoE technology and longe-range night vision. The following piece will highlight these and other features of the camera, include a review and recommend a purchase location.

The Reolink is a 4MP 1440p Super HD camera.

Set-up is easy with a plug and play design. It’s waterproof and is appropriate for indoors or outdoors, in residential areas, retail stores or other businesses. The Reolink camera uses POE, or Power Over Ethernet technology, a streamlined technology that is superior to traditional methods in that it uses a single network cable to transmit video and power, with no need for power adapters.

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The camera also is equipped with long-range night vision, up to 100 feet with an 80˚ wide view lens to capture clear, sharp images and video. Other features include motion detection with a sensibility adjustment and a recording feature, along with real-time motion alerts via email. This makes the camera an excellent choice for hallways, driveways and other limited visibility locations. Also included is a built-in microphone, 24/7 HD video recording and storage with Reolink PoE network video recorders that can provide support for as many as 16 cameras.

Reolink offers a free app, Reolink Client, for both iPhone and Android cell phones, as well as for PC Windows and MAC computers. It can support a minimum of 8 camera sources, offering live camera views, remote views, motion detection alerts, live streaming control, and video playback.

The Reolink IP Security Camera continues to get glowing reviews across the board, particularly about the high-definition quality of the photos and video playbacks it offers. If your house were ever burglarized, the picture quality is such that you could provide a recognizable photo of the burglars to give police, which could help them apprehend the burglars and get your stolen items back.

Both the hardware and the software make this camera one worth owning. With the ground-breaking new PoE technology, easy plug and play set-up and a free app that can send information from the camera directly to cell phones and computers, it offers you comprehensive control, with real-time, 24/7 access from anywhere.

One of the best features of this high-performance camera is that, at just under $75, you would be hard-pressed to find another camera to match its high-quality features and performance. . It provides a stellar performance, delivering what it promises, especially with raves about the all-important clear quality of video images. The Reolink IP Security Camera could easily be voted the best security camera in it class.

People are raving about the features and performance of the Reolink IP Security Camera, calling it, in a word, “Awesome!”

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