NexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security Camera Review

Tips on How to Choose the Right IP Security Camera

NexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security CameraNexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security Camera is easy to use the camera, which works more smoothly as compared to most others available in the market. It is a WiFi enable camera that comes with an instruction manual that guides on how to setup and where to download different required apps.

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Features For The NexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security Camera:

1. Multi-Platform View: the WiFi enabled camera allows access through Android and iOS devices. You can remote view the camera through an iPad, iPhone and Android devices making easy to monitor your belongings everywhere.

ii. Excellent View Experience: the Nexgadget ip camera hd wifi features adjustable pan with a horizontal tilting angle of 355 degrees and vertical angle of 90 degrees ensuring a full view of any room. The camera features a 3-megapixel lens and can stream 1280 x 720p HD quality videos.

iii. Continuous Live Video Streaming: the camera features 6 powerful IR-LEDs that allows night vision for up to 32 ft ensuring surveillance through even during the night. You can configure the Nexgadget ip camera hd wifi to send you an alert via mobile when it detects a motion.

iv. Audio: NexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security Camera includes built-in speakers and microphone that allows recording and producing sounds. You can listen and speak to the people around the camera are talking about when you are in a remote place and at the same time.

v. Versatile Stands and Easy Setup: the Wi-Fi enable camera features cam stands that you can easily mount on the wall, tripod or shelf or you can stick in something magnetic. To setup the camera, you just need to plug the power cable and download the Yoosee app and set it up from your Android or iOS device.

NexGadget IP Camera HD WiFi Security Camera Review:

The NexGadget IP Camera can be set to work in any of the three working modes that include:

– Continuously recording mode that allows streaming live videos all the time.

– Selected-time recording where users can define recording times based on their needs.

– Detected Recording: detected recording is a great feature that helps in memory management as it only recording when it detects motion or sounds.

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Setting up Nexgadget 720p wireless surveillance security camera is easy. You first have to download and install Yoosee App on your smartphone. Then register your user ID using your Email. One you have downloaded the application and register your user id, power the camera. Lastly, add the Camera to the network through the WIFI or Ethernet network. During the first connection, place the IP camera close to the router to ensure as a strong signal and speed up the connection.


NexGadget Camera is available on Amazon with a one year warranty. NexGadget camera records mainly on internal Micro SD card that does not come with it. You have to order for a quality SD card of about 32 GB and install in the camera. However, as compared to most other surveillance cameras available in the market, NexGadget features more importance features that ensure a better experience to the users. You can also configure the camera to enable save footage to allow saving the footages on the internal memory.

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