LaView 1080P IP 4 Camera Security System

LaView 1080P IP 4 Camera Security System

While we are walking on the streets, doing our daily routines we do not realise that how many security cameras we pass by.

Most of the supermarkets, banks and shops has a surveillance system.

Filming every individual who comes in and out of that particular place or store.

Home is no different and today we are going to talk about LaView 1080P IP 4 Camera Security System.

Most of us would like to create a safe home for our families, that is why we could purchase a great variety of security cameras, which can be placed in our house to see if someone would like to come in uninvited.

Find the perfect surveillance camera is not an easy job, but we are able to help you.

The LaView 4 security camera comes with a wide scale of advantages.

First of all, it can be plugged without an expert since it has been designed regarding of the easy installation.

You do not have do anything else than plug it in your NVR, connect your cameras and press the power button. Yes, it is that simple as it sounds.

Going on a holiday means you leave your home unattended, however, with the free mobile application that this item has you could view your house anytime from anywhere.

It can be downloaded both to smartphones and tabloids.

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This IP Camera offers a full HD quality with 30 IR LEDs, and you can watch your home up to 100 feet as well.

The resolution of this security camera is 2MP, 1920×1080, which is an impressive data.

It is mostly essential for the great nigh view, creating a cleaner display and playback. It has also eight camera inputs, increasing the productivity of the surveillance system.

It can be placed inside an outside as well. The IP Camera has been manufactured considering the different weather effects.

Thus, it is a hundred percent weatherproof. Even tough, the cameras are resistant to the bad weather the cables are not as lasting in a case of heavy rain as they should be.

It also offers a motion record system, which means you can set up a recording schedule with an email notifications. Making this surveillance camera more effective, you can also search for particular events.

With this product, you are able to automatically zoom to custom masked area, saving a great amount of time of searching.

Other advantage of that camera that is has a huge storage capacity, giving you more time to check out your recordings.

It is only 21 x 14 x 18 inches comparing to other products it is not really huge, so it will not ruin in to our well-designed interior.

Not to mention, that is comes with a two years guarantee. If you experience any problem within thirty days, you will get a refund or a replacement.

Without the hard disk the consumption of that camera is 15 W, which is a friendly number.

The best way of purchasing the LaView 1080 IP 4 Camera Security System, is through

Not only that they offer a wallet-friendly price, with free shipping with Amazon Prime but you can get your security camera only in two days.

The ordering procedure is very simple as well, it should not take more than twenty-four minutes. With this fast service, you can create your own surveillance system in days.

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