LaView 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution Camera

LaView 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution Camera

LaView 1080P IP 2MP High-Resolution Camera is your ultimate Indoor/Outdoor, White Bullet, Day and Night security camera that delivers comprehensive surveillance solution for your home, business, pets and much more.

It’s day images are crystal clear, while its innovative high-tech capabilities enable you to see as high as 100 feet in the dark.

The camera also comes with an excellent weatherproof feature (standard IP66) and hence offers wide operating temperatures ranging from extreme cold temperature (-13 Degrees) all the way to exceedingly hot temperatures (140 Degrees).

LaView 1080P IP 2MP, therefore, can monitor your home around the clock thanks to its 2TB hard drive designed to give you piece of mind while the video security camera does its job.

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Here are some of the Features of the LaView 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution Camera

1. HD Definition Resolution

The camera’s 1080P HD resolution means its images are crystal clear and as such recognizing what’s on the feed is a breeze.

Clarity of pictures, determined by resolution power of a camera, is crucial since it allows you to see everything from facial features to the clothing unmistakably as well as any object persons appearing in the pictures are carrying.

LaView 1080P Camera allows you to view your security video in full HD 1080P thanks to its 30IR Light Emitting Diodes (LED) any time of day or night.

2. Smart 3D DNR

The 3D DNR feature is specifically intended to help remove unclear details in the object.

Consequently, when using this security camera, you do not have to bother about indistinct specs; the camera removes such automatically.

Your night vision images will be of the same quality and clarity as day vision pictures, effectively giving you sharper monitoring and convenient playback of any event that happened around your home or property at any particular time.

With LaView 1080P, you can find out what’s making noise, say, inside your warehouse at night without opening the door.

3. Dynamic Wide Range of View

Setup with a wide angled view, this IP66 camera offers you a dynamic wide range of view. You will, thus, capture virtually everything happening in each and every part of the room where LaView 1080P is placed.

Should you install it outdoors, you will find it a lot useful since it will capture everything happening outside your home at any particular time (day or night).

4. Additional Features

Some of the attractive extras the security camera system come with include 24/7 access, thanks to LaView 1080P mobile app, smart search and email alerts.

Being able to keep your eye on your business or home 24/7 while you are traveling through a mobile app is just remarkable.

Smart search helps you avoid watching hours of no activity by allowing you to select a point on the feed and fast forwarding to that exact location.

Email alerts notify you when there’s motion on your security camera feed.


LaView 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution Camera features enhanced innovation and unparalleled quality. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Buy this outstanding camera from; it delivers clear and high-quality images, regardless of the time of day or night.

It is dependable, easy to install and provides a wide range of view. With its additional features that include remote access, the camera provides the way secure your home and business at all times.

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