LaView 1080P 2MP IP High Resolution Camera

LaView 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution Camera

LaView 1080P 2MP IP High Resolution CameraThe LaView 1080P 2MP IP High Resolution Camera is a day and night indoor or outdoor security and surveillance camera for your home and business.

It is a network camera manufactured by the US based security and surveillance company called Laview.

The camera comes with a 2MP high resolution lens that is able to see up to 100 feet at night.

With its weather proof protection, the camera will perfectly work in any conditions from a low of -40 to a high of 140 degree Fahrenheit.

It also comes with a vandal proof casing which keeps away vandals who may want to disable your camera. The camera also records high definition HD videos with very clear images.

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Overview of the features of the LaView 1080P 2MP IP High Resolution Camera..

The LaView 1080P 2MP IP High Resolution Camera comes with the following features

3-Axis Adjustable Camera – The three axis model is an improvement from the dome model. The dome model usually allows you to adjust the camera tilt within its yoke.

The yoke in turn rotates within its dome. The 3-axis mode adds an extra ability to rotate the camera within its yoke.

This therefore allows you to make adjustments to the camera angle. For the wall mounting purposes this is a critical inclusion to enable you view all the scenes.

Cloud Recording – with the cloud recording capacity, you do not have to worry about downloading the images to a local media storage to access recorded information.

This is because your data can be accessed from your network resources and it can also be done in real time.

This means you can access your camera data even if you are away from your home or business premises. The cloud recording app can be installed on your device to act as a backup service.

All you need is the internet connection to access your stored data.

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HDMI Port – HDMI port transmits uncompressed data in a digital format. It is built to accommodate high resolution data offering you an excellent viewing experience.

You can therefore connect your camera to the TV screen or your DVD player and be able to view the data from the camera.

Infrared – the infrared capability of the LaView LV-PB932F4 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution enables the camera to capture images and videos even in low light conditions.

The infrared LED is positioned near the outer edge of the camera lens so as to give it the night vision capabilities. Data captured using infrared is clear and of high quality.

USB Connection – the USB connection helps in transferring data to your network attached devices such as laptop or personal computer.

It can assist in connecting your camera to the printer and printing your photos of interest directly from the camera. The USB functionality for this camera therefore gives you many imaging options for your recorded data.

Visual Alert – the visual alert features of this camera can assist in alerting you incase of intruders to your premise among many other functions. You can also use this feature to detect any loud and unusual sounds in your premise.


The LaView LV-PB932F4 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution is a great security and surveillance camera for your home or business premise.

Most customers who have used it have gone ahead to recommend to others.

With a rating of 4.0 out of 5 for over 200 customer reviews, you are guaranteed that you are getting one of the best the market can offer. You can easily order this product on Amazon and it will be shipped directly to where you are.

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