What Should You Look For In An IP Security Camera Package?

IP Security CameraAn IP security camera provides high-quality surveillance and convenience that homeowners need. One of the best features of IP camera is the ability to transfer and store data in digital platforms such as cloud. Therefore, homeowners can monitor and communicate with the device through a computer network. Before selecting the ideal IP camera to match your needs homeowners need to consider three things.

Resolution quality

If you want quality surveillance of your home, then the resolution of the IP security camera matters.

The first thing you should check is the quality of the resolution before purchasing the camera. Good image quality is vital when trying to identify an intruder. Ensure that you get the best resolution to capture all the fine details. Full HD IP camera might not be popular due to bandwidth issues, but 720 HD cameras are available. 720 HD cameras provide high-quality video streaming. You must produce high-quality camera footage in court for it to qualify as evidence. Ensure that the camera records high-quality video in case of intruders. Ensure that the IP camera provides crystal clear night vision which enables it to capture images in low-light conditions.

2. Consider the viewing angle

Before purchasing an IP camera, you need to check the coverage angle. A camera with a 3.6mm fixed lens provides about 72 degrees of coverage. If you need a camera that covers almost all the corners of your house, then you need to consider an IP camera utilizing PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) technology. Pan technology allows you to rotate the camera at 360 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. You can control the camera manually using a joystick. Automatic control is possible through the camera management software.

Check whether the camera can tilt up and down up to 180 degrees to give it a broad vertical coverage. Choosing an IP camera with the best coverage helps to prevent dead areas where an intruder can sneak in without being identified. PTZ camera guarantees adequate coverage of your house and top notch inspection to prevent intruder.

A good IP camera should have optical zoom and enable manual adjustments of the camera lens. The focal length of the camera should be adjustable so as to zoom in and out while maintaining the image quality.

3. Do-it-yourself or professional installation

It’s important to determine whether you can install the camera or need to hire a professional. WiFi Wireless IP Camera is the perfect camera if you are planning to install the camera on your own. WiFi technology allows users to connect the camera in any locations as long as there is WiFi internet coverage. You just need to connect to reliable power supply and simple configurations and ….voila! Your camera will be functional. However, WiFi limits the transmission distance. If you want long distance communication, then consider purchasing PoE IP camera. The PoE camera uses one Ethernet cable for both data and power supply transmission. However, you need a PoE injector for power supply. Note that WiFi camera is easy to setup but not ideal for long distance coverage due to internet limitations.

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