IP Camera Buying Guide

IP Camera Buying GuideWhen the time comes to looking for a IP Camera you will be so glad that you come across this IP Camera Buying Guide by us. You see an internet protocol (IP) camera is a digital video camera that transmits content over a local computer network or the internet.

With an IP camera, you can monitor your house from wherever you are in the world via a computer, your smartphone , or tablet. These type of security cameras are very popular as they give homeowners the much needed peace of mind knowing that everything is okay back at home.

With a home internet connection, an IP camera takes still images and/or video footage whenever they detect movement. They will then send you a notification via SMS or email.

An IP camera has a lot more advantages than the traditional CCTV cameras. They include:

· Does not require any wiring, instead it transmits data using Wi-Fi and wireless LAN.

· Gives optimum video resolution.

· Provides great ease of access.

#Recording capacity

An IP camera records content using two approaches; Network video recording (NVR) or live video recording with a specified internal storage space. An NVR setup is preferred if you want to monitor a live feed without the need for a stored footage.

#Image quality

An IP camera that guarantees high quality images makes all the difference. Good image quality is important as it will help you identify intruders easily. Its therefore a good idea to invest in HD IP cameras that capture high-quality footage at resolutions as high as 1080p.

Moreover, it’s advisable to purchase an IP camera that offers night vision. This type of camera is able to record images in very low light conditions.

#Remote access

Does your IP camera support remote access features? This is another essential thing to look out for. An ideal IP security camera should enable you to view footage remotely especially when you’re away from home. The common remote access features are SMS/MMS alert, mobile access, and web access.

#Upgradable firmware

IP cameras are designed to stream content to the internet and for this reason, its advisable to choose a device that has upgradeable firmware. Security incursions arise with time prompting companies that offer IP cameras to constantly release upgrades whenever they spot security threats. The best IP camera should run regular updates to keep your IP as secure as possible.

#Energy saving features

Much as you are concerned about the security of your house, there is no point of running a security system day and night as it can be an energy drain on your home. Consider purchasing an IP camera with automatic features such as motion detection that turn a camera on only when its necessary.

#Does it pan, tilt or zoom?

Additionally, you may want to look for an IP camera that you can control from your remote location and zoom in and make it look around the room with up/down sideways movement for better security monitoring.

Nothing should be taken to chances when it comes to security of your house especially in this era where burglars are increasingly becoming tech aware. It’s a good idea to undertake comprehensive research on the IP cameras available in the market in order to identify one that perfectly suits your needs. You can as well consult a professional before making a purchase decision.

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