Boneview Trail And Game Camera ViewerThe technology is improving daily and innovation of new products that makes life more enjoyable and easier are being developed one day after another. Introducing Boneview Trail And Game Camera Viewer

It is a high time again that a product that is going to give you the freedom of viewing your photos or read files stored in a SD card so easily away from laptop but just on smartphone has been delivered in the market.

This is none other product but BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer for smartphones.

We hereby would like to take you through this awesome product in this article.

The BoneView Trail and Game Camera viewer is just a small card reader that you can attach to your smartphone in order to visit the information kept in that card.

They are currently available in two models One is made with a micro USB cable that will help you plug into an Android phone.

The other model is designed with an 8-pin lightening cable for easy plug into iPhone or iPad.

This is supported by iPhone 5 and other higher models.

You only need to download one of the several file management apps,mostly free and available in the app store to enable you view your photos once it get connected to your phone.

Though there are various applications that can work effectively for this purpose,BoneView just recommends the i-Flash Drive HD app.

The app has got the ability to enable you scroll through the photos which are stored in the SD or in the micro SD card, delete them or just move them to your phone or tablet.

It is very simple to use Boneview Trail And Game Camera Viewer.

For example,for a hunter who uses several cameras mounted in several woods.

You just have to first get the memory cards from each camera. After this,you then insert them into the card reader and open the file manager app that you have in your phone or the tablet.

After doing this,the BoneView Camera will then start flashing as the phone reads the SD card.

Finally,you can then view the photos from your phone the same way you would do from your laptop.

This gives a capability of real-time viewing of the action that occurred near the trail camera for the hunter.

The camera brand you are using does not matter a lot since most cameras from Moultrie,Stealth and Bushnell can keep photos in a standard format on a SD card or micro SD card.

You then have the ability to delete or even email the photos.

Though this product is mostly marketed towards hunters,you can still use it so long as you have the devices that generate photos such as any type of SLR camera.

You may find that this device works faster when you want to get a photo from your camera to your phone as compared to inserting SD card into laptop.

The BoneView Trail and Camera Viewer

is an exceptional product for hunter who mostly uses one or many cameras.

By giving you the ability to connect to the phone,this gives you the relief of carrying many devices into the woods hence your work is simplified.

This device is small and also light that make it possible to use a mount on a tree stand with your phone having connected to it.

Therefore in order to have the real experience of how BonView Trail and Game Camera Viewer works,whether you want to view your photos or just want to read files from a SD or micro SD card,take a step and make an order from and you will have it delivered to you.

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