3 Things to Look For In a Good IP Security Camera

3 Things to Look For In a Good IP Security CameraIf you are looking for a security camera for the home then you need to know these 3 Things to Look For In a Good IP Security Camera?

As you know security cameras are a important gadget that helps us check unwarranted activities and are normally used highly for both outdoor and indoor surveillance procedures.

Security cameras can provide the police with virtual clues that can be used to identify and get people involved unlawful activities.

The internet protocol cameras also known as the IP cameras are the precursor to the modern smart home cameras.

However, these cameras were not manufactured with simplicity in mind. Due to this, there is currently a lot of pressure on companies to create simple but useful IP cameras.

But how can you buy the best IP camera?

Here are the 3 Things to Look For In a Good IP Security Camera.


1. Connectivity and power source

A large number of security cameras nowadays operate on WiFi. This means you need to connect to a wireless home internet network for them to work well.

Any interruption to your source of power and connectivity can interfere with how they work.

Although most IP security cameras are powered by a plugged in an adaptor, it does not mean that you can put them in a different spot.

However, it’s very important to consider the outlet location when selecting to install the camera in any a particular area.

Although some of these cameras have replaceable batteries others are rechargeable.


2. App

Most security cameras are nowadays accessible to either iOS devices or Androids many of them also provide web apps hence you can log onto your computer to view the same video as long as you set it well.

Since the app is your main point of access to the security camera, its interface is very important.

Although app configurations vary from one device to another it requires you to create an account, log in and enter your WiFi details before you can start using the camera.

You also need to consider having basic features such as sound alerts, motion, and night vision so that you can remotely confront an intruder.


3. Storage and field of view

Not all IP cameras are created equal. There are some with cloud storage and others with local storage.

Cloud storage cameras send videos directly to a remote server while the local storage relies on a separate micro SD to hold onto any video footage that you would wish to save.

While local and remote storage’s are very important, some cameras give you the opportunity to have both options.

Apart from this, it’s also important to know how much you want your security IP camera to see.

Since it’s probably taking care of a single room or area, you need to have a larger field of view so as to use it effectively.

This plus the video quality are some of the major considerations when looking for a good IP security camera.


A good IP security camera is always made to meet your expatiation and to work as the best deterrent.

It must be able to cover anything wrong and alert you at the correct time so that you can be able to take the necessary action.

Before you decide on buying a particular camera you need to consider its features and read some consumer reviews.

Otherwise, these are the 3 things to look for in a good IP security camera.

If you need one you can always check Amazon.com where you will get the best IP security camera at a very good price.

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